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Your Northwestern Mutual Financial Plan:
a GPS for your life.

Our financial planning process is designed to help you make the most of your money,
no matter how much you have, so you can balance the life you want now and later.

We'll help you answer big questions like: Can I afford to travel and still pay down my credit card debt?
Can I save for my kids' college while paying off my student loans? Once I retire, how do I make sure I have
enough income? At Northwestern Mutual, we work with you to understand your most
important goals and make a personalized plan to help take you there.

Get started

Our financial planning approach

Some companies only focus on insurance. Others just on investment strategies. With Northwestern Mutual, you'll partner with an advisor who will look at your financial big picture. Our integrated approach helps you build an achievable, flexible financial plan with the right mix of insurance products and investment strategies to help get you to your goals.

Start with where you are

Start with
where you are

To get you where you want to go, we'll help you understand where you are today.

  • Your priorities,
    values & goals
  • Your income
  • Your assets
  • Your liabilities
Protect what you have

Protect what
you have

Life is full of ups and downs. We'll help make sure you have everything you need for both.

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Emergency fund
  • Long-term care planning
Tackle your debt

your debt

We'll help you balance paying down debt while you make progress on other goals.

  • Credit card debt
  • Student loans
  • Mortgage & other loans
Grow your money

your money

Get realistic saving and investing strategies to help achieve each of your goals.

  • Retirement income strategy
  • Growing your family
  • Buying a home
  • Saving for college
Take action


Get a step-by-step guide to put your plan into action, and a partner to help you every step of the way. And as your priorities change, your plan will, too.

  • A personalized budget
  • Goal calendars & contributions trackers
  • Insurance & investment recommendations
  • Estate considerations

Everything you need in a financial plan, all in one place.

Detailed projections
Online tools
Goal trackers
Northwestern Mutual account website examples

Select your goal, we'll show you the way there.

Financial Advisor Headshot

Take the next step.

Our financial advisors are here to help you develop
the right financial plan to help you get to your next goal. And the next.

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